Friday, August 10, 2007


OK my g/f, Randi hooked me up with this cool looking site. She lives just down the road a piece from me. So we both live in Vermont. This site she told me about looks fantastic. Over the years, I've exchanged things with my friends in a few foreign countries (well, to ME they're foreign, cuz I've never been there lol). I've exchanged things with my friend, §tud in England. Tempy in Italy, Charlie in Australia and Shakey in Northern Ireland.Now here's my chance to trade stuff with other countries across the globe. So I thought this idea was pretty darn cool!

These are things I'd like to receive:
~Toys or small novelty items(such as pens, paper, key rings or other little girlie things lol)~Magazines
~Candy or other treats~small plush items
~I collect coffee mugs

Things I'd love to send:~toys or small novelty items (such as ones listed above, but girl or boy, let me know)
~Candy or other treats
~Small plush items
~Basically, anything within reason, I'm glad to send off, just ask

Here's the link to this great site:

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suzanne said...

would love to give u a surprise !
from singapore!